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An innovative eCommerce mobile platform to generate more sales and grow your business

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Increase your sales and build customer loyalty.

Ulimited products and orders
Receive unlimited orders with no commission fees.

Secured Payment
TapPublisher solutions meet data and transaction security standards without ever slowing down control, for the comfort and safety of all.

Regular updates
We update regularly your apps for compatibility with new smartphones or new versions of iOS and Android.

Your products
Create an app where your customers can browse your products, discover your specialties and your novelties.

Reward program
Build a strong relationship with your customers and reward them. A loyal and happy customer will come back often.

Points of sale
You can create and manage an online store and multiple retail stores.


No more queues in front of your restaurant or store. Your customers order from the office or from home, pay online and only have to pick up their orders.


Set the minimum order, fees and delivery areas.

Every business deserves its mobile app


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Manage your business on your iPad

You can manage your business using our iPad app to receive orders in real time and create/update products. You also have access to tools to increase your sales and generate customer loyalty.

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