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Build your world-class app for iPhone & iPad with no programming skills.

Mobile app development is often thought to be "time consuming", "complicated" and "expensive". With TapPublisher, make room for "fast", "fluid" and "free". What makes our application catchy is its easy-to-use interface. Put your world at your customers' fingertips with our 3 easy-to-follow steps.

Create an app through a drag-and-drop editor

Create an app through a drag-and-drop editor

Create your own application by selecting the modules you need from more than 50 of the most popular and widely used features in mobile applications.


Simple and intuitive

TapPublisher interface, simple and intuitive, helps you gradually build your application, feature by feature. Move quickly from concept to final product, without any programming knowledge.

Extensive set of modules

Build your application with selected modules such as news, photos, videos and music. Link them to external sources, services such as Wordpress, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or Prestashop.

Customizable design

Design your application in a unique style. Each element of the interface is customizable: menu, navigation bar, wallpapers, colors, elements, icons and other. Create an application that you like or that meets the graphic of your customer.

Test your new app immediately

Test your new app immediately

With TapPlayer, our free companion app for iPhone & iPad, preview and test your app creating as many sample apps as you want. Design a fully functional application, and show it to your friends and customers. There's no difference with a published application on the App Store, except it hasn't gone public yet.


Install TapPlayer

Download TapPlayer from the App Store and start instantly testing your app. Get as many previews as you want without publishing on the App Store. It is of course 100% free!

Test and improve

You rarely get to the desired result on the first try. Thanks to TapPublisher and TapPlayer, you shorten the design cycle and get faster optimum results.

Convince your customers.

Nothing is more convincing than a demonstration. It is much simpler and easier to convince your clients and colleagues if they can test an app directly on their device.



Your app is ready? Publish it on the App Store

Everything's been checked and tested? So start publishing and allow the rest of the world to use your application. Promote it and even analyze usage data.

Your app is ready? Publish it on the App Store

You publish

Once your application is ready, we compile with your developer certificate and provide you with an app ready to be submitted to the App Store.

We can publish for you

If you do not have an Apple developer account and you do not want to manage the technical part, we publish your app on our account.

100% native code

Unlike many services, TapPublisher not using HTML 5 and other web frameworks to create your app. TapPublisher uses 100% native iOS API and Objective-C to create high quality, responsive, and fluid application that meets the standards of Apple's GUI.

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