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TapPublisher is a platform that help individuals and small and medium businesses create mobile apps without writing code.

Using a simple and intuitive drag & drop editor, you can build your own mobile app by adding and configuring features modules, such as news, videos, photos or ecommerce stores.

You can customize your app in a unique style. Each element of the interface is customizable: menu, navigation bar, wallpapers, colors, elements and icons.

Tons of amazing features to create your mobile app

You simply connect your existing content and TapPublisher synchronizes everything in your app.
We add new services every day and we can also develop a specific connector for your business.


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Build real native apps

Unlike many services, TapPublisher is not using HTML 5 and other web frameworks to create your app. TapPublisher uses 100% native iOS API to create high quality, responsive, and fluid application that meets the standards of Apple's GUI.

Cross platform support

With TapPublisher, you can create apps for iPhone, iPad and Android (coming soon) without coding code in one single platform. Support for AppleTV and AppleWatch is schedules for Q1 2016.

Automatic updates

You don't need to bother anymore about OS updates and bug fixes. We'll do this job for you. We also add new features every month that you can integrate freely in your apps.

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