TapPublisher officially launches its 1.0 version

Today we release our Mac OS app builder downloadable on our website, allowing for local small to medium businesses, bloggers and communities from all over the world to build (edit & test) native iPhone & iPad apps. TapPlayer, our companion app to test your app is also available for free on the App Store.

Why get an app in the first place anyway?
Mobile commerce is becoming the main channel to generate sales online and engage more clients. Going mobile is about connecting with the majority of your customers and growing your profits.

What is TapPublisher?
TapPublisher is a service still in beta, offering an easy-to-use Mac OS app builder to create and develop native iPhone and iPad world-class apps.

How does it work?
It’s a 3-step process: first you create, then you test and finally you can publish your application on the App Store. At the moment, only the first two steps can be completed. Publishing will be possible in the next version, out by the end of the year.

1. Create
Thanks to a powerful drag-and-drop builder tool, TapPublisher allows for any tech novice to create native apps simply within minutes. Users select the modules needed from a set of extensive modules (news, photos, videos, music...), and link them to external sources such as Wordpress, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or Prestashop. The app can then be designed in their own unique style. Every single element of the interface is customizable: menu, navigation bar, wallpapers, colors, elements, icons and other.

2. Test
Before publishing the app, it can be previewed and tested thanks to TapPlayer, the free companion application designed specially to test out apps. Previews behave exactly like the final published version.

3. Publish (not possible in this version but in the soon-to-come one)
Once the app is ready to go public, users can choose between publishing it themselves or leaving that task to TapPublisher, if they don’t have an Apple developer account or simply if they don’t want to be bothered with the technical part.

Why choose TapPublisher over other services?
TapPublisher uses 100% native iOS API and Objective-C to create high quality, responsive, and fluid apps, providing users with an intuitive building experience. Everyone can move quickly from concept to final product, without any programming know-how. So it really comes down to this: using TapPublisher is a fast, fluid and free way to engage more customers and improve profitability.

Will there ever be a version for Android? And when?
Launching a Mac OS app builder is just the first item on TapPublisher’s agenda. We definitely intend to release an Android version, due beginning of 2014.

So what’s keeping you from following the trend? We’re happy to get your comments so drop a line anytime.



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