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Mobile Apps

  • ✔ Multi platforms: iPhone & Android
  • ✔ Publication on the AppStore & PlayStore
  • ✔ Unlimited downloads
  • ✔ Unlimited orders
  • ✔ Push notifications
  • ✔ Email Support

USD $49/month

Billed annualy

Setup fees: $390

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Web site

  • ✔ Responsive design: PC & mobile
  • ✔ Web Hosting
  • ✔ Unlimited connections
  • ✔ Unlimited orders
  • ✔ Stats
  • ✔ Email support

USD $49/month

Billed annualy

Setup fees: $190

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Web + Mobile

  • ✔ Multi-platform: Web, iPhone & Android
  • ✔ Web Hosting
  • ✔ Publication on the AppStore & PlayStore
  • ✔ Unlimited orders
  • ✔ Stats
  • ✔ Priority email support

USD $95/month

Billed annualy

Setup fees: $490

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Additional offers

Pack Menu


We take care of entering your menu (dishes, options, extras, menus), the integration of your photos and the setting of your site.

Pack Website


You do not have a showcase site or you want a new one. Thanks to our many models, we can create one that will allow you to improve your visibility on the Internet.

Pack custom design

Starting at $990

You want a site made according to your specifications? Our graphic designers and developers will create your custom site and your specifications.

If you need additional or custom development, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the web setup fee include?

- The creation and setup of your online ordering site.
- The connection to your domain name, if you have one, or assistance for the integration on your site showcase with your webmaster or your service provider.
- The creation, configuration and integration of your Stripe payment account.

What does the mobile apps setup fee include?

- The creation of iOS and Android applications.
- The creation of accounts on the AppStore and PlayStore.
- The creation of the product sheets on the 2 shops.
- The publication of apps.

Can I publish the apps with my appStoreconnect and GogglePlay Developer accounts?

Yes, you can. You just need to provide us your certificates and provioning profiles.

Who cash the payments of my customers?

You do;we have absolutely no access to payments and money from your customers.
We work with the company Stripe, specialist in secure payments on the Internet. You just need to create a free account at home, give them a Kbis, a RIB, a piece of identification and that's it. The creation and management of the account is free, there is no subscription, no cost of service; you only pay a commission of 1.4% + 20 cents per transaction.
Their platform provide many services, such as credit card fraud detection or partial or full refund of a payment.

Can I get help?

Of course! You can reach the TapPublisher team anytime, right from the support on the right side of any page. Our support team is available from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (PST)