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Your own online ordering website and mobile app for your restaurant.

Tons of features to grow your sales.

TapPublisher includes everything you need to manage orders, contact customers, track sales, and more.

Ulimited products and orders

Your customers can browse your products, and discover your specialties and novelties. And they can order them in just a few clicks.

Secured Payment

TapPublisher solutions meet data and transaction security standards without ever slowing down control, for the comfort and safety of all.

Reward program

Build a strong relationship with your customers and reward them. A loyal and happy customer will come back often.

Delivery zones

Choose the zip codes you want to deliver. Set the minimum order amount and fees for each zone.

Native apps

TapPublisher creates 100% native apps optimized for iOS and Android that integrate the best technologies of 2 platforms..

Push Notifications

Send Push notifications on your customers' smartphone regarding your special offers ans events and get more orders.

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A powerful, reliable and efficient technical platform.

Do not worry about technical details, hosting, protecting your data or updates, we take care of everything.

Secured hosting
We fully take care of hosting your control solution and data security.

Customer support
We're always listening and immediately intervene in case of problems.

Fast intervention
We are committed to putting your order site online in less than 48 hours. The reliability of our platform makes it possible to display a 99.8% availability rate.

Monthly subscription
You pay in the form of monthly subscription. Installation costs will be billed to you once. No hidden fees or paying options.

Easily manage all of your online store from your iPad. Stay in control even when you are traveling.

Regular updates
We update regularly your apps for compatibility with new smartphones or new versions of iOS and Android.

Create your online ordering web site in only 3 simple and easy steps.


You can now create a free account (*) very simply. Just enter your email and password.

* Free trial account 30 days. No Credit Card required.


Create categories, enter your products, insert photos, set options and prices.
All you need to do is fill in the details of your point of sale, your opening hours and your delivery areas.


And that's all ! Your website is ready to receive the first orders from your customers.
What are you waiting for to start?

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