How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

Interest in the app development has grown dramatically. But there’s a contradiction: you just mention the creation of an app and a lot of people are immediately sceptical either because they think it’s too expensive or because they have no idea how to even start.

So how much do you really need to take from your checkbook when creating an app?
It depends on many different factors related to design, coding, testing, infrastructure. Questions you need to ask: how much content do you have, do you want a simple app displaying basic information or with more complex functionnality, how much control do you want to have over the whole process, do you opt for the data housed “native” (built into the app) or would you rather have it “dynamic” (built into an online web services). The more complicated it is, the more it will cost. An average app developer would charge around $800 per day ($100 per hour). According to a recent poll conducted in 2010 by TechCrunch, the average total development cost amounts to $6,453. If we break the costs into two categories: the simple and complex apps, the development costs for the first should range from $3000 to $8000; and for the second it could easily start at $50,000, and go up to $150,000. An app development company found the prefect way to be more accurate. Check their app quote calculator and discover how much it would cost you to create one

Save time and money building your apps with TapPublisher
Now, you have the choice between picking a contractor hourly or running with a company specialized in app development that offers an all-inclusive do-it-yourself service just like TapPublisher allowing you to save time and money. TapPublisher empowers you with an easy-to-use platform to design, test and publish your app in only a couple of minutes without any programming skills whatsoever.

Of course, before you opt for any service, get several quotes and compare! And don’t get stuck on “costs”. Think less about it and more about your strategy. However if you want a simple, quick and less costly solution, run with us :)

This begs the next question: how much money can you make out of your app? Well folks, we will be addressing the question tied to cost effectiveness very soon. So stay with us to find out more!



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