TapPublisher 1.3 is coming very soon

TapPublisher 1.3 is coming very soon

TapPayer has been submitted for approval to the AppStore. Once it's live, we'll release TapPublisher 1.3.

So, what's new in TapPublisher 1.3 ? A lot of stuff.

As you can see, we improved the UI to be lighter, more efficient and more intuitive.

The first big news is having the possibility to add several instances of a module; for example, if you have several RSS feeds or multiple photos or videos accounts. We also have 2 news modules : Contact and Catalog.
One big request from our users was the possibility to choose between different layouts and it's now possible in the News, Video and Twitter modules. We'll expand this feature to other modules and add more layouts in the next releases.

As usual, there are a lot of improvements in the some modules (News, Wordpress, Photos Sets, Twitter, SideBar Menu) and, of course, a lot of bug fixes.

This release is still iPhone only, but next release will also build native apps for iPad.



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