Things to consider before creating a mobile app

Making your first app feels like jumping off a cliff? Then you definitely need to stop here! Knowing why and how to create an app is essential. Let’s walk you through the things to consider and keep in mind before putting your app idea into motion.

Why? Creating an app is about generating business
It’s good to think about what new business opportunities will emerge when your customers can communicate with you anytime, anywhere. Yet, in this digital era, a lot of people consider becoming app makers merely because “everyone else is doing it”. Well there’s a lot more to it than just following a trend. Apps can work for you in exactly the same way as your website or other digital communication.
Don’t get trapped in that one question: “How do I earn money from my app?” Rather think of it in terms of: “What do I gain from my app?”

An app business is a business opportunity. Among the many apps’ perks, here are some of the vital ones:
- Showcasing your products & services
- Reaching new on-the-go customers
- Providing information quicker, enhancing users’ experience
- Pushing notifications
- Increasing customers’ loyalty
- Improving brand recognition
- Contributing positive PR
- Helping you go viral

How? The key is the below preparatory work
Your app should start swiftly, be easy to use, quick to download and look great. Be sure to anticipate the below to get it right:
- Content: without it, the app couldn’t exist. It’s the main reason people choose to download it. Make sure your content is interesting and appealing.
- Features: focus on the main features and on making the few you have as good as they can possibly be. A lot of app-makers want to include tons of innovative and special features, and end up with only a few actually working well.
- Design: design for touch! People use the app for less than a minute so it should feel and be simple. And given the small screen of the mobile, think of designing according to screen size.
- Programming: writing code can be a complex, detailed process. So you either have a very good developer who takes care of the technical part or you opt for a do-it-yourself service like TapPublisher where no programming skills are required.
- Testing: a well tested app is an app that works well! Don’t underestimate this stage.
- Keeping up with the trends: your app is never finished! Even when you’ve created it, Your app should start swiftly, be easy to use, quick to download and look great. Be sure to anticipate the below to get it right:
you can’t just simply forget about it. You need to maintain and update it to continuously enhance your users’ experience, and look for ideas and inspiration. For instance, adapting to the new iOS 7 featuring a flat design. Remember: an app is a work in progress!

Hands on the art of marketing an app
Think beyond the creation of your app. Make a plan as to how to market it in order to make it visible to the world. Understand your target users, your influencers as well as your competitors as well as the market share that’s already taken. From there, strive to stand out in this market by:
- Promoting your app through PR as a way to make yourself known
- Using social media sites, namely Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or YouTube
- Advertising, which is about building your brand but also requires financial resources you’d have to find



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