Apple shows off its iPad Air & iPad mini with Retina display

Apple shows off its iPad Air & iPad mini with Retina display

On Tuesday 22nd of October, Apple unveiled its top-of-the-range tablets, a lighter iPad called iPad Air & a new iPad mini with Retina display (high definition). Let’s walk through these 2 new iPads.

The iPad Air : lightness and speed define it
Its name says it all: it looks like iPad 4 but it is much finer (20% finer than the old iPads), much lighter than the iPad 4 (460 gr vs 600 gr), and much quicker.
Equiped with an A7 processor similar to that of iPhone 5S, the iPad Air promises to provide higher performance: a 10-hour operating battery, quicker display (applications open twice as quickly) and swifter Wifi access. Add to that a built-in dual microphone and an improved photo sensor with HD video quality. The available colours are silver, white, space grey or black.

The iPad mini Retina display: a high definition screen for smoother reading
A “small wonder. The difference has never been clearer”. This is how Apple presents its iPad mini 2 on its website. There is a significant rise in quality and technology. Indeed the new iPad mini finally has a Retina screen which gives a much better display in quality, of videos and games. It can be used as an ebook reader, to look through high resolution pictures and to touch up images in detail.

Supporting iPad Air & iPad mini Retina display is on TapPublisher’s agenda. So we’ll keep you up-to-date when it happens :)



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