Top reasons for app rejection on the AppStore

Top reasons for app rejection on the AppStore

Here we are, your app is finished and ready to be sent to the App Store. But are you certain you have complied with all the recommendations of Apple and that your app will be validated?

Fortunately, Apple offers a comprehensive guide containing what is accepted or not on the App Store with some tips to get you started started . In addition, there’s a list of the main reasons why an app is rejected, which is regularly updated.

The main reason for the rejection of an application is therefore ... the lack of information on the application in iTunes Connect. Be sure to complete all fields available when you submit an application, including the one on advertising. If your application uses the Advertising Identifier (IDFA), mention it.

Also, do not provide an application which crashes, contains bugs, in which there are empty text boxes or in which there are missing links or images, it will certainly be rejected. Do not mention any other mobile platform in your application (eg, Android, Windows Phone).
Apple is also very vigilant about the overall quality of the application, on its ease of use and ergonomics.

Make sure that the description and screenshots of the application are consistent with your application and describes what it really is. If you promise functionality that does not ensure it will not be accepted.

Finally, your application should provide real added value compared to your content that already exists. For example, it should not simply be web content: this content must be adapted to the application format, and to the iPhone or iPad format.

In any case, do not hesitate to test it and to get tested until you are sure it works perfectly.

The application generated by TapPublisher fully respects the rules of the App Store but you are responsible for the content thereof. When you build your application with TapPublisher, we recommend using at least 4 modules (News, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, if you have a blog) to be sure your application is accepted on the App Store.



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