Download TapPublisher 1.6

Download TapPublisher 1.6

Good news, TapPublisher 1.6 is now available. In this release, you’ll find 2 big new features and a lot of small improvements and bug fixes, both in the editor and in the player.

On the editor side, you’ll see that the publish process has been improved in lot. You can edit all the informations related to your app, the version, the description in different languages from TapPublisher; you don’t need anymore to do it from the web site. All these informations are needed to submit your app to the AppStore.

Next big addition to TapPublisher 1.6 is support for Instagram. This was a huge request from our customers. Currently, we do support only photos; videos are coming soon.

As usual, we continued to work on the user interface and creative process in order to have a simpler and easier to use editor.

We also made some small improvements in the different modules and data managers. For example, in the Button menu, you can add a margin to a button. In the Flickr module, we rewrote a lot of code to have a better cache management.

We hope you’ll like this new release and make great apps.

With the release of iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 this week, I think we’ll have more good news for you very soon.



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