iOS 7 Adoption Hits 90%

iOS 7 Adoption Hits 90%

Apple's iOS 7 adoption rate continues to grow, even as the release of iOS 8 approaches. In july, 90 percent of devices connected to the App Store are running iOS 7, according to new numbers posted on Apple's App Store developer support page.

The new milestone, which comes 10 months after the operating system's original release, is a three percent increase from installation numbers of 87 percent back in April.

As adoption of iOS 7 has climbed, iOS 6 installation rates have dropped slightly, going from 11 percent in April to 9 percent on July 13. Earlier operating systems continue to run on two percent of devices.

Every new release of iOS brings new technologies and APIs to improve and enhance apps. Supporting the latest version of iOS allows us to bring more functionalities and have faster apps. iOS 7 brought a whole new design to iOS apps, completely different what you can saw on iOS 6. iOS 8 will continue this way.

As you know, TapPublisher still supports both iOS 6 and iOS 7. With the coming release of iOS 8, we'll probably drop support for iOS 6 when it'll go below 5% of installation rate.



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