TapPublisher 1.5 is available for download

TapPublisher 1.5 is available for download

It took us almost 2 months to go from version 1.4 to 1.5, but the wait is now over. It's a big update for us, since we rewrote a lot of code to fix bugs and to prepare the future.

So, what will you find in this release?

First all of all, you can now publish your app on the AppStore. Once your app is ready, just push the Publish red button, and we'll do the rest. Currently, only the free plan is available.

As you can see, we also improved the user interface to be simpler, flatter and easier to understand. More options have been added in the settings and colors inspectors.

Regarding the iPhone features, we added a new frosted menu and a Weather module. Mostly all other modules have been improved.

Here is the list of news and enhancements.

  • You can now publish your app to the AppStore using our publishing service

  • Improved and simplified User Interface

  • Improved colors and background settings

  • The inspector has 3 tabs : settings, screen colors and global colors

  • All menu settings have a Reset to default settings button

  • Improved iOS rendering in the Preview

  • We have a nice preview

  • New Frosted menu

  • New Weather module

  • Added a new screen template in the photos sets module

  • Improved TabBar menu customization

  • Improved News module

  • Improved Photos and Photos Sets modules

  • Improved Twitter module

  • We're now using the Helvetica Neue font to render text, as in iOS 8

  • iOS 6 devices also get the0 iOS 7 look and feel

  • Fix a lot of bugs

And, don't forget to update to TapPlayer 1.5 on your device.



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